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Separation can be a difficult time for parents and sometimes it is necessary to file for a restraining order. A restraining order makes it clear just where the line is drawn in the sand. There is a lot of truth to the old saying that good fences make good neighbors.

There is no room for threats and no room for interference when parents separate from each other. If you are being stalked or are fearful for your safety and the safety of your children or if you or your children are the victims of any type of abuse it is imperative that you file for a restraining order to insure your own saftey and the safety of your children.

Since the O.J. Simpson case, AB840 (2000) added section 3044 to the California Family Code which makes it very easy for people to use restraining orders in custody battles. Because of this you need to be aware of how to defend yourself against false accusations and vigorously defend yourself against the filing of an unwarranted restraining order. Under the new law, restraining orders can be used as findings of abuse, thereby making the restrained person ineligible for joint custody. Lawyers at The Custody Firm will work with you on filing or defending yourself from restraining orders as need be.

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