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In California, the duty to pay child support is often left to the non-custodial parent who often feels they are being cheated out of their child and thier money. The truth is, however, the custodial parent often feels that they are the ones being left holding the stick - changing diapers on a crying baby round the clock. They may feel that the child support money they might receive is peanuts compared to the actual expenses. The custodial parent feels they are often trapped at home unable to work while the non-custodial parent is out partying with some new lover. The grass is always greener on the other side of the road when it comes to child support and child custody.

The truth is that the state of California uses a fair system to calculate child support which is based on both parents income. This system which requires a computer to make the child support calculations is called the Child Support Guideline. Under the current system a parent should be able to afford to make their child support payment because it's based on their own income and the income of the custodial parent. If a parent loses a job or has a drastic increase or decrease in income it is their responsibility to inform the other parent and the court. It's these failures to notify the other parent or the court that can cause big trouble for a parent as more and more time goes by. Failure to pay child support can mean a loss of visitation rights. It is imperative that a parent pay child support, and pay it on time, each month, and keep receipts of the payments because it is likely to be challenged sooner or later. The Custody Firm is determined to protect your interests and the best interests of your child until they turn 18. The Custody Firm will be there for you and will remind you of things you can do and ways you can maintain the custody you are awarded.

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